Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad SEO Clients Creating Bad Logos

It's been awhile....not because of lack of stories, but because we're just freakin' busy.

Yesterday I had a great laugh at a bad SEO client creating a really bad logo. The President has no business being a graphic designer. Out of nowhere he posts a new logo marked final......

We're all afraid to even comment, the guy talks and talks and talks and never listens. Even his own employees don't give constructive criticism so we stay idly back as these sorts of things go in because we're not designers either. I have designers at my fingertips, but Big Boss is a bad SEO client that does not want to spend more money.

However, we still say we're confused why the logo looks like a zipper.

I should my Big Boss man the logo. He said, and I quote:
"The new logo is terrible. It could be interpreted as sexual, the colors are abrasive, and it does not at all convey a professional business posture that companies would proudly place on their own websites. Given that, we should tell them it is a mistake to use it."
That was epic.

I check email this morning and there's a new message from bad SEO client's employee. She says that after talking to boss man, the logo would never be as big as it is in the file, and that is throwing off the intent and that he should explain his vision. the problem is NOT that you don't know how to create a logo, it's that we're not looking at it right. Sure...okay.

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